Cloud 9


The Legendary Cloud 9 is a 3-man fusion band and production brand, based out of the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Cloud 9 is led by TK, a multi-instrumentalist and the lead vocalist of the group. Their Drummer, Footz, is a forced to be reckoned with in the live setting. His aggressive yet tasteful approach to drumming, and electrifying presence on stage, gives life to one of the most exciting live shows in the world. Adam, the guitarist of the group, brings dynamic stage presence to live shows, and a unique perspective to creating records and shaping the sound of the band.

This group is one of a kind. Cloud 9 has mastered the art of genre-bending; The fusion of many different genres of music, to create something sonically undiscovered. Cloud 9 fuses studio elements and live elements in their live shows to create a never before heard or seen experience!

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